Our Costs

At Lone Solicitors we embrace fixed-fee arrangements with our clients, as we understand that it provides cost certainty and allows them to plan their finances more effectively. However, when cases are more complexed, and we are unable to estimate the workload then we offer our clients hourly billing. The advantage of hourly rate billing is its flexibility where matters are small it reduces administration time. Lone Solicitors are able to provide you either hourly rate or fixed fee that best meets your need.

Please note that your file may include disbursement, which must be paid separately from our cost. Disbursements are out of pocket expenses payable to third parties which incur because of you matter. For instance, disbursement may include Court fee, counsel fee, travel cost and/or translator fee. The fixed-fee price list is below:



Guideline hourly rates:

Fee earner Rate (£):
Solicitors and Legal Executives with Over 8 Years Experience £ 201
Solicitors and Legal Executives with Over 4 Years Experience £ 177
Other Solicitors or Legal Executives and Fee Earners of Equivalent Experience £ 146
Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals and Other Fee Earners £ 111



*All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except prices that have been accepted.