Wills and Probate Services

At Lone Solicitors we understand that financial affairs can be complicated and overwhelming at times. So why not let us help you to ensure your affairs are in place, so you have peace of mind that your estate is distributed in the way you wish.

Please note that your file may include disbursement, which must be paid separately from our cost. Disbursements are out of pocket expenses payable to third parties which incur because of you matter. For instance, disbursement may include Court fee, Probate application fee, Office of the public guardian fee, Gazette advert and/or Land Registry search. We offer our clients the option of either adopting the traditional hourly rates charging, or alternatively fixed-fee rates.

Initial Consultation:

Service Fixed Fee (£):
Estate matter consultation and advise provided (if you appoint us within 2 weeks then £ 250 is subtracted from the legal fee) £ 250

Wills Preparation:

Service Fixed Fee from (£):
Single Will £ 250
Couple Will £ 400
Lasting Power of Attorney (single) £ 650
Lasting Power of Attorney (couple) £ 1100



Probate Matters:

Estate Value Fixed Fee based on value of the estate (%):
Up to £ 300,000 2.5%
Up to £ 500,000 2%
Up to £ 1000,000 1.5%
Greater than £ 1000,000 1.5% for the first £ 1000,000 and then 1% for the remainder value

Fixed-Fees Probate Matters:

Property Value (£) Assets (£) Fixed Fee (£)
£ 150,000 1 Bank Account containing £ 20,000 £ 1700
£ 350,000 Savings & Investments valued at £ 350,000 £ 7500
The above price is subject to the conditions below:
  • Valid Will
  • Only One Property
  • Few Banks and/or Building Society Accounts
  • There’s up to 4 Beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries Agree on Division of Assets
  • There’s no Payable Inheritance Tax
  • There’s no Need to Submit a Full Account to HMRC
  • There are no Claims Against the Estate
  • The Estate has no other Complex Assets

*All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except prices that have been accepted.